Path of Exile◈Auto bot﹝International edition﹞

Be sure to read before use

1. Only support pure English games (do not install filters, any GPK, etc., please restore the original factory settings)
2. Please be sure to change the simplified language of the computer and then compress it.
3. Anti-virus software uninstall, firewall closed in compression plug-in
4. Be sure the administrator to execute the external file

Automatic login must be done in front of the problem.
1. Is there a management execution plugin?
2. Is there a correct change to the computer language?
3. Is there any update to the plugin version?
4. Have you ever logged in manually?
5.. The icon pack remember to re-download the coverage to see
6. The font size of the computer is not the default, the font is wrong.
7. Anti-virus fire must be closed before uninstalling, uninstall
8. Game path, login gas path is best default
9. The resolution of the computer screen is too high (currently tested 1920×1080 is normal)
10. Dual screen does not support plug-in
11. No, change a computer cross test

Win10 How to turn off the built-in Windows defender antivirus software Win10 How to turn off the built-in Windows defender antivirus software Windows 7 and Windows 10-execute the program as a system administrator brushing different boundaries and changing C settings teaching ”[Teaching How to modify the computer language setting” style=”outline” animate=”bounceIn” radius=”10″ link=” %E8%85%A6%E8%BB%9F%E7%A1%AC%E9%AB%94%E4%BA%A4%E6%B5%81%E5%8D%80/%E3%80%90% E6%95%99%E5%AD%B8%E3%80%91%E5%A6%82%E4%BD%95%E4%BF%AE%E6%94%B9%E9%9B%BB%E8% 85%A6%E8%AA%9E%E8%A8%80%E8%A8%AD%E5%AE%9A”] FAQ Q&A


First enter manually, instant login game to game characterFirst enter manually, instant login game to game character
(Every time you restart your computer, you must log in again and log in once to the game, close it and then use it)

Select settings after entering the game (must be in the selection screen)

Display interface DX version setting DX9

Prediction mode must be set

Plug-in setting instruction

Account: Add a game accountAccount: Add a game account
Password: Add game password
Registration code: add the registration code you have purchased
Registration code query: This place can check the remaining time of your registration code
Default configuration path: you can read the configuration you have set yourself.
Garena path: set the Garena platform path
Path of Exile path: set the game path
Auto-execute: choose according to your needs

Must tick these two places    You can also log in automatically by checking the tick here

(Do not manually enter the account password or you will get an error! The button is simulated)
After entering the game, press the Home button, you can call out the plug-in settings interface!

After successful login, click Select fully automatic DB folder 

You can choose the built-in script to start the number directly.


If you want to play other professional level 1If you want to play other professional level 1
First set the talent to open the talent interface, which mouse points to which talent
Press F8 to connect your talents in order.
After F8 will simulate lighting talent
Does not support the gems insertion talent point temporarily
(Note that points where talent points cannot be connected)

Next to it is the skill tick two.Next to it is the skill tick two.
Others do not need to consider only waiting for some special skills can not be used
You can set custom skills!

Monster settingMonster setting

Basically it’s ok by default.

If you need to play special blame, you can add a name to set a limited degree.

Hang up settings

You can set the map type, difficulty type, and integrity to be the completeness of map exploration.

The number of times is this map brush several times, you can add N different map brushes, add a loop brush, and so on.

Alien map filter keywords do not hit, for example, elemental injury * map

The current processing is directly thrown away (later processed in other ways)

Other settingsOther settings

The warehouse map I set here is 3, you must be 3 when you store the map in the warehouse.

Item filtering settings (the player version does not have this feature)

Items are basically ok by default.

If you need other additions or deletions yourself, the best settings

Add by keyword, basic physical injury 20-30

In the past, I added a +?% element resistance 15-30

> to set the past

All of the above save the warehouse and then need to meet several conditions to set multiple conditions to meet

There are no items set. The items here are not set to store and other items.

Do the main line task, do not open the setting of this best

Task settingTask setting

This is the main number used.

Maps that must have a choice must be selected or not.

All the rewards in the game are customized

The owner’s occupation is supported, the thieves kill

What skills do you need to choose?What skills do you need to choose?

After all settings are completed, the task will be upgraded to the set level by default after the fifth chapter.

(How many levels) It is best for you to write 55 to do the following tasks.

Dressup settings

(Two single-handed weapons are hooked)(Two single-handed weapons are hooked)

This is the number of automatic change equipment automatically recognizes the better items than the body, it is also set by yourself, here is the logic

The location is the equipment to wear, there are many conditions to understand this game to add

The proportion is the number superimposed by you.

Take a list: Ring A (armor + energy shield) default base will only have armor plus energy shield, through the identification will be organic rate of blood added% armor energy shield fire ice thunder resistance three anti-three (For example, an item fire 炕 5 Lei Kang 10 ice resistance 15 plus blood 20, I fill fire resistance 2 ray resistance specific gravity 3 ice resistance specific gravity 4 increase blood specific gravity 5 the final value is fire 炕 5 * 2 + lightning resistance 10 * 3 + Ice resistance 15 * 4 + plus blood 20 * 5 compared with the body wearing more than the body is replaced, and the larger the link hole, the better 100 or more recommended to fill the armor is best between 0.5-1!

Automatic replacement of gems

Master represents master skill gemsMaster represents master skill gems

Linking other gem master skills gems must be placed in the first position

The higher the priority value, the higher the priority of the gemstone is on the hole.

One line represents a piece of equipment

[Automatic purchase of gems matching]

Here is the city where you buy the gemstones. What kind of gemstone (gem name) you need to purchase after you have purchased it? After you purchase the gemstone, you can automatically bring it so that you can perfectly match it when you do the task.Here is the city where you buy the gemstones. What kind of gemstone (gem name) you need to purchase after you have purchased it? After you purchase the gemstone, you can automatically bring it so that you can perfectly match it when you do the task.
The next warehouse page is a custom setting (the standard warehouse is which 4 windows the game sends you is called standard)

9. [Basic Settings] You can drink accelerated drugs by default, injury drugs, blood burning, etc.

The above is just a simple explanation, the version will be continuously updated, not in the multi-function description.