Fortnite -Manual 

Product Manual  Attention! Read First!
Please keep in mind that we do not bear any responsibility for your actions.
You use the  access at your discretion. However we have past 3 Month without any source detection.

2 ​Fortnite -Manual
Step 1. Make sure you close the game before starting to open any hack/cheat or loader!
Step 2. Open the loader and fill your license key in the free field. ( See picture below )

Step 3. After restarting the loader you have your own interface. Here you can ask how much  time your key is running, unbound the license from your HWID ( 1 Day will be reduced from your  key ) or “load” the hack into the game.

Step 4. After clicking -Load- wait for the “beep” sound and the confirmation to start the game.

See picture below. ( Don’t start before )

Step 5. Done ! Start the game. You should now see this ( See picture below ). Insert button to  hide or close menu. Home button to hide all even ESP.